🎶 When you have a writers block… and then WRITE A SONG ABOUT IT! —> NOW on YouTube! 🍀

Song, called “Music is your friend” talks about a struggle I had with a writers block a while ago and how I overcame it with simply facing it, had some chat with it and in the end writing a song about it 🎶 📝

It’s something that I wrote before the Eagle EP came out and is quite different from what I normally write.

Felt a little bit sceptical of posting it on the internet since it sounds pretty different. For now I just did a live performance.

Not planning to record it professionally, but still wanted to share it with you, since it can have some meaning of overcoming an obstacle. Doesn’t have to be just a writers block but any obstacle in our lives. 

We are capable of so many wonderful things, to do beyond our limits. With this song I’m just sharing something that happened to me and saying that anything is possible, if we’re willing to try. Agree? 🙂 

⬇️Click the image down below to watch the video.⬇️ Hope you’ll like it, the lyrics are added in the video. 

It’s gonna be weekend soon. Make the best you can with it! Blessings <3


When you have a writers block…and then write a song about it! 🎶📝

This Thursday I’ll be sharing with you a song (on my YouTube Channel) I created some time ago (before the 🦅Eagle EP came out) when I was facing a writers block. It was a struggle I believe many artist can relate to.
And while having it, “the words of having no words” came out, and this song was created. Kinda ironic, isn’t it? 😀
I call it “Music is your friend”, because it truly is and songwriting is all I ever wanted to do. To be in touch with a good friend 💜

It’s a song that is completely different from what I usually write (new Mystical music with Reiki energy is in the process 🍀🦋) and never thought of recording it professionally, but still thought I should share it with you, because I believe many of us would love to hear more stories of how to heal and overcome our writer blocks and be inspired regularly.
I think, the best we can do is to simply face the struggle, have a little chat with it and then try to do some compromising. What do you think?

Be here on Thursday, 4th of July at 6pm CET (oh my, it’s Independence day in the US, right? American friends, how will you celebrate it? 😀 )

P.S.: I added lyrics in the video, thought it might be interesting to read the words beside it 🙂

I Translated A Song!

Hello there! Hope you’re having an amazing Sunday 🙂

Summer is almost around the corner and I’m already planning new things to create in the nature ambient. Feeling kinda overwhelmed, but super excited at the same time 😀

But for now I want to go back a little bit. A while ago I released a Slovenian Single, called “Pomlad”, and a few people expressed the wish they would love to understand the lyrics, so I decided to translate them.

And not only that, I also decided to perform and English version for you! 😉

So here you go, hope you’ll like this simple version of the song 😉

P.S.: the song starts at 0:27
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Few words about me in a German blog! <3

Haha, this news just got me so excited, so this is the best what I came up with the title 😀

Today a really special person really made my day. Angela, the author of the German blog “Für Dreadlocks keine Altersbeschränkung” wrote a few words about me and my music and also a little bit about our little country in the South, Slovenia.

Thank you, Angela, for these wonderful words <3

Here you go, and enjoy the reading.

🍀”Pomlad” is here! 🍀

I’m so happy to announce that my new Single, called “Pomlad” is here!

Listen to a Slovenian Ethereal Acoustic song about Spring time, that originally has it’s roots from the 60’s, when it was performed by Marjana Deržaj, now re-arranged in a completely different way. Enjoy and wish you a wonderful Spring time, no matter where you are ☀️🌸🌼