Say hi to my instrumental family

As I mentioned in my blog “Welcome to my home recording studio”, I’m pretty oldschool and like to play on all instruments by myself. So today I’m introducing you to my special family and crew.


I’m collecting my instruments now for about 20 years, some of them just recently became a part of a family. They all have names (but I won’t reveal them to you, yet 😀 )

Why I call them a family? Probably many of us musicians have the same experience. Because they just are. Even though they might be just a subject, but when you start to play them, they are so alive, they vibrate so beautifully, and not to mention, how good they do on your soul. And for me practically, everything that does good on your soul, is alive.

And for many of us musicians, music is always there for us, in good times and in bad times. Especially when in bad times, I can’t imagine what I would do without music – instruments and singing. Without something that you can hold, and it comforts you in all of the beautiful melodies. We (as anyone of us) don’t need a lot of help in times of need, if we know where to look for the right trigger to help us out. But that’s a whole different subject for now.

In my instrumental family I have one classic and one acoustic guitar, one bass guitar, cajon, tambourine, shakers, keyboard, saxophone, Irish whistle, harmonicas, three types of microphone and one native american panflute. Unfortunately, I’m not really good with this one, but I’m still glad I have her.

I’m a self-taught musician, I learned every instrument by myself. Except one. The saxophone. For me, saxophone is so precious and unknown instrument, so I wanted to learn more from the experts. So I went to music school for about a year. I loved to play on it, and I still have the wish to do so. In the past there were some issues with this instrument, because it’s so loud. And there was the problem with the neighbours, so you know how the story goes. In these years I forgot a lot about this instrument and currently I’m working on my courage to start again. So here’s hoping 🙂

Currently I’m mostly using guitars, keyboard and percussion. And then we’ll see how it’ll go from here.

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