Ode To Trees

So happy and grateful to say, yesterday I recorded one of the last songs, that will be on my EP. It’s called “Ode To Trees”.

Source: Deep in the Ancient Forest (Facebook)

I dedicate this song to my wonderful friends that we communicate on a regular basis. They are so friendly and funny, I wish more people would be able to listen to them. And it can be done, if there’s a wish. But maybe the wish just isn’t there yet, because they don’t realize it’s possible. And I tell you, it is.

The reason I wrote this song is simply because I wanted to share these wonderful moments with everyone and to bring them closer to nature.

I wrote this song on my favourite place on Earth. It’s a place, that’s completely away from the croud, the city, or even villages. It’s a place I know since I was little. A place that I call home. Maybe someday I’ll show it to you 😉

There’s this pear tree, that I like to talk to sometimes. And that day, I was just sitting under her, and asked her, if she could help me write a song. Of course she was willing to help.

The way we wrote it was simply through my experience with them, the way we communicate, the way I feel after that. Smelling that fresh air, feeling kind of high, and wandering inside our souls. Simply wonderful and magical.

For a long time I had a very simple version of this song, but then it just started to flow. I started to experiment like crazy, and everything that came very unexpected, it came out so interesting. Although I am a bit nervous, how will you accept this experiment, I’m still looking forward to show it to you soon.

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