Occasionally I also paint!

Hello my dear friends! So today I wanted to share with you something, that it’s a part of a major thing (at least for me personally). Soon my EP will come to its existence, yeeey! 🙂 And I’ve realized I need to make a cover art for it.
Luckily in the past I had a passion for drawing and painting, and went to art college back in the days, where I “improved” my skills. And from the beginning of recording my EP I had an image in my head, that needed to come out in the open. So voila, here it is (still needs some details though…) :

Maybe you already have some ideas, what will the title be, I’ll leave you guessing for a little while 😉 Hope you like it 🙂
Can’t wait to finally put the EP out in the open! 

More updates about the upcoming baby, soon! 

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