Big announcement

Hello everyone,

today I have a big announcement for you. For a while I was talking about my EP coming in to existence. And today I can proudly say, that my EP, called Eagle is done! 🙂

There are 5 songs on this EP, one of them you may already know (Million Faces, Million Places), and some of them represents Beings from different shapes and forms, each of them have a special and unique vibe to them. And some of the songs represents a personal growth, courageously heading towards the unknown. Into the mystical worlds.

An entire album has a specific, mystical vibe to it, that caress the soul.

Outside reviews:
~ Beautiful, music for the Soul. (M.F.) 
~ Amazing and spiritual music. (M.R.)
~ Amazing singer and artist overall. Her voice is magical. (G.J.)

I truly poured my heart into this project and was something that I did for the first time and I’m truly grateful that I had the guts to do something like this. This is my baby. And I really hope you’ll like it.

Everything that you see and hear, was performed, recorded and produced by me.

Eagle will see its light on 11th of January.


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