To be is to evolve… and create.

Hello everyone,
today I decided to write something inspirational. It all started because of one particular moment I had just after I hit the milestone of my life – release of my first EP.
But I don’t want this blog to be in my favor. I wanted to write something, that everyone of us have to go through in certain points in life, or maybe even on a daily basis.

Many of us people are going by the same questions: “What is the meaning of all this? What are we doing here, what is the meaning of life?” 
Am I right?

Currently I’m reading one amazing book, that my mother-in-law lend it to me. It’s called Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch. And it’s nothing compared to what people would expect!
The whole book is a dialog between the author and the God – The Source itself.

It has nothing to do with Holy Bible, Quran or any other religious book here on Earth. The God in this book is represented in a way anybody can understand it. Someone would say it’s an energy, someone would say Holy Spirit, The Source, someone would call it a Friend.

It doesn’t matter in which sort of a way, as long as it suits your way of thinking and understanding. And in this conversation they are talking about many different things, mainly about questions, that many of us have. And some of the answers can really surprise you.

But the most important thing I wanted to share with you today is about our Path of the Soul and Creation.

Many of us may already understand that we are Souls that are having human experiences here on Earth and some of us are still wondering, why are we here. Our Souls completely understand why are we here. They want to gain new experiences through human bodies.

And how can they make new experiences? By creating. Creating things you want and love to create. In this book the Source clearly said that he created us by his image. So what does this means? If he is the Creator, so are we. We are Creators of our own experiences and also destiny.

We are creating through our minds, words and actions. For many of us is difficult to understand how can the power of mind drastically affects our way of living. But in these days, when The Law of Attraction came into the Surface, I believe many of us are already stepping and trying new approaches of how to handle our mind, our words and also our actions.

I don’t want this blog to be too long, so I’ll try to wrap this into these few words: The main issue for many of us, that are seeking meaning in our lives, is, that many of us choose to live by the emotions of fear instead the emotions of LOVE <3 . And here everything starts to make sense. When we create, we can create out of these two emotions. We can create out of fear, or out of love. But the main thing that are we here, is to evolve in the way that our Soul wants us, and by evolving is to create.

Create new experiences, new artwork, new music, new technology, everything. And not only that. The Law of Attraction gives you back what you give, it works like a magnet, that attracts alike experiences with alike minds. Like for example, some people can connect instantly, and some don’t.

And by these words I want to give you a question for today: Which emotion will you choose?
And not only that. With this blog I want to encourage you to start actively training your mind to create with love instead of fear. Try to be conscious about your mind, what is he saying to you in your daily lives and try to change it. In a better way.
And it’s also good to know, that the way we think, it’s not our fault. We we’re trained to think this way. So with this knowing we now have the ability to change it. For our own good. What do you think? Are we willing to try?

Have a nice week everyone, peace <3

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