New single coming out this week!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post. I was working on a new single, that will come out this week. Even though I would love to post more about the process while creating, somehow I always end up posting nothing at all. It’s like I’m in a state or zone, where I can only think about that project and nothing else. And can’t stop ’till I’m done ^_^ .

Now I am proud to announce that finally the time has come! 🙂 on May the 3rd I’ll introduce you to “Pomlad”.


The single I’ll be releasing this week is written in my maternal language (Slovenian) and it actually has its roots from the 60’s. The song was originally performed by a Slovenian singer Marjana Deržaj.

Pomlad is a Slovenian word for Spring and it talks about the Spring time and welcoming her into our lives. And since now is a Spring time, I can’t see a better reason to recreate the song in my own mystical way.

The reason why I recorded this song is because in March I was invited to perform at a Spring meditation. The host had a wish to sing something in Slovene and I asked her if she has any particular wish in her mind. And she said “Zvončki in trobentice” by Marjana Deržaj. As I started to learn the song, I couldn’t help but arranged it in entirely different way. I really enjoyed the version that I made, and the people at the Spring meditation loved it as well. So I decided I should record it and share it with everyone 🙂

Except the lyrics the entire song is arranged in a completely new way. If you like New Age Ethereal Acoustic music, be sure to come around on May 3rd! 😉
For now the music video will be posted on my Facebook site.

See you there <3

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