🌳 “Ode To Trees” – New Music Video

I am happy to introduce you to a new official music video, that came on my YouTube channel recently. It’s an Ethereal song called “Ode To Trees”, a song that is dedicated to our dear, wonderful, Ancient Beings, filled with Wisdom and Love.
I’m really happy and grateful, how the music video turned out, since I really wanted to implement some magic into the video. Since I’m very new at music editing, every new step is something that I’m really grateful for. Still not there where I want to be, but like they say… baby steps and once we will get there <3
I asked my followers on my Instagram account, which color would they prefer when they get associated with a Mystical Forest, and almost everyone of us went with purple… I really loved the idea of purple. But in the end, no many how many different styles of purple I tried to implement, it just didn’t fit right, so I used a deep dark green instead, which I think it came out wonderfully :))

Check out the Official Music Video for an Ethereal Acoustic Song “Ode To Trees”. Hope you’ll love it, and have a blessed day <3

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