Patience… what a major virtue this is… I just recently read a post by my dear friend Cindy about accepting our lives the way they are… are our lives evolving fast or slow, we probably have an idea of it by now… and if our lives are evolving slow, having the strenght of being patient… and how the life can be the wise tortoise…. evolving slowly, but surely… ⠀

In these days, we are so used to set ourselves some deadlines for certain things we have in our minds… after all this is how our world is currently build… deadline for an exam, deadline for a project, for finishing college, for having children… and because of these ideas we have the issue of developing a patience…

The truth is, we all came here to experience something individual, although we all came from the same source… and due to experiencing something individual, our deadlines are individual… ⠀

And even though I today understand, why certain things didn’t develop in the past (because it wouldn’t lead me to the path I am today), it’s still a challenge to be patient with our journey…especially when your life doesn’t depend only on yourself, but sometimes also on the others around you…

Trusting…surrendering…they always proved to be powerful and true…and some of us still fall out of it often…ah life, how funny it can be sometimes…⠀⠀

What about you? Is being patient something completely normal for you or are you struggling with it as well?

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