Man in the Mirror (by Michael Jackson) – cover

While being in quarantine, this song came to mind. Thank you Michael for your music! I believe that in these days his music is cherished even more than ever before. All we need to know and learn, is already within us. We have the strenght within ourselves, the strenght to make a change in this World. Michael knew that. We are the World, he said. So let’s take the time, that’s spent in the comfort of our homes, and learn about these things. And if we look around ourselves and see things that needs to be changed, the very first step to do is to change ourselves. Just like Michael said: “…it’s gonna feel real good, come on, just lift yourself, you know it!…”

Man in the Mirror, originally performed by Michael Jackson, this version arrangement by me. Hope you’ll enjoy it and maybe get inspired a bit during these challenging times. Stay well, stay safe and sending you much love and warm hugs. Let Love guide us.

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