Say Hello to our New Merch! :))

My dear Friend, I’m happy to let you know that with Dreamer’s Music Video release I also released my very first Official Merch!!!

We got mugs (for both Coffee and Tea lovers), we got clothes, we got bags, and I can promise you there is much more to come! All in Divine timing :)))

Who wouldn’t want to start their day with an empowering Dreamer quote on a Coffee/ Tea mug?

Or wear an empowering message on your t-shirt or hoodie for everyone else to see?

»I’m a Dreamer
you can’t possess,
I’m lying on my path
beneath the Stairs,
rising somewhere
I don’t understand…
…but I’m not coming back again…«

Quote, taken from my latest music video, Dreamer⠀

Get your “Dreamer” Merch in my Etsy store NOW!
Go HERE or check under “Music and Merchandise” in the website’s menu.

Much Love, my sweet Dreamer. Keep on following your Dreams and wishing you a Bright Thursday! <3

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