I was featured in local newspapers (which also included a TV interview!)!

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The past couple of weeks were pretty intense, in many different ways. Some of them were pretty difficult. And some of them were pretty nice. I have to admit, due to the tragic event my loved ones and myself encountered recently is a bit challenging to be happy and joyful for the good ones, that occurred at the exact same time. Unfortunately there’s not much anyone of us can do at the moment due to the great loss we experienced, only that we give ourselves time to heal our wounds.

I know this is probably not something, you would expect to read, when reading the title of being featured on a TV. It wasn’t planned to start this way. But when I was searching for words, finding a way how to share this beautiful news with joy, proud and passion with you, I just couldn’t find the proper words. My mind is still somewhere near the tragic event…

Anyways, somewhere deep down I’m really happy to let you know, that I was featured in two local newspapers, and one of them even featured a TV interview with me! First time talking about my musical project in television! Somehow I didn’t see this happening for many years to come, and yet when being there, it kind of felt like being at home. Lights, camera, action. Spreading the word about my musical path of being a diy musician in general. Sharing the story, that I, just a self-taught singer of different bands a few years back, created an album Jeanne D’ Arc from scratch, completely by myself, alone, from A to Z. An album, that is loved by so many from many different countries across the globe. Sharing a story, that may inspire other musicians in the near future.

Just after the interview a sweet soul I know from years ago when we played in different bands wrote me a letter and said kudos to me for keep going. Because many musicians know, how difficult this journey can be and many of them give up on their dreams because of that. I hope that by sharing my story I planted a seed to some of them.

An article about “Jeanne D’ Arc” in Cerkljanske novice

The truth is, times are changing. We’re not living in times, where we were dependent on agents and managers anymore. We have social media for that. We don’t need to sign a record deal anymore. We can create our own record company. We don’t need to spent thousands and thousands of dollars/ euros to buy an instrument / a recording gear & software / or go to a professional studio to record our music. Nowadays you can get all of this for a lot less than thousands of dollars. Now don’t get me wrong, quality is still important and is good we take notice of finding the gear that matches our demands. It’s just that nowadays, there’s so much we can do at the comfort of our very own homes, with equipment of achievable prices, and the knowledge at the step of a YouTube tutorial.

I wish musicians would knew that. Especially in our country, not sure why, but many of them still don’t see it that way. I guess it’s a matter of time. Maybe this article will help plant a seed 😉

And lastly, I’m happy to share with you my very first interview 🙂 It’s in Slovene, so for my non-Slovenian friends, I’m sorry I can’t translate it for you 🙁 but I can assure you, if you’re following me on my Instagram and reading my posts, then you basically learned the entire interview :))) and maybe you’ll find it interesting to hear me speak in my native language 😀 hehe, either way, Slovene or non Slovene, hope you’ll enjoy the interview :)))

Wishing you a Blessed Friday, dear friend, and keep following the good that surrounds you <3

Much Love,


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