Working on a new single as a DIY musician, part 2: Music video recording, day 1

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Oh…my… gosh, I can’t tell you, what a torture that was!

…What a brilliant start of the blog that was, ha? Hahah xD Let me explain:

For this music video I wanted to capture the moments in the evening, which as you can imagine, it can be pretty challenging, simply because… evenings are not very long, right? And maintaining focus while trying to do everything as quick as possible, because you know the evening will turn to night quite fast.

Why exactly the evening? I actually wanted to represent the night mood, but at night there’s nothing visible on the camera, except for the light itself, such as the lantern and a light jar, as you can see in the image.

Other than that is completely black, and therefore you can’t see any of the surroundings. It’s almost easier to record in the daytime somewhere in the shade and then edit it to make it look like it’s happening at night. But when it’s dark, it’s just dark. No data on the surroundings on the screen.

I probably could use some extra lights for this occasion. I’d needed some new equipment for that. Maybe next time. This time I tried to make it completely natural 😉

So yeah, catching the evening light, while trying to find perfect spots to film, re-decorate the place if necessary, create perfect angles on the camera, put the right focus on the camera lens and then trying to look pretty on camera, standing at the right spot, so you stay in focus, then act like you know what you’re doing… the minutes seem like seconds 😀 And if the first shoot didn’t go well, you need to make another one… or maybe even another one.

That was just one part of the challenge. The other was the weather. Super cold and windy! A few times the wind even put my lantern out and gave me extra things to worry.

Then my long dress and cape were catching all sorts of branches and thorns along the way. I’m pretty sure I ruined both of them.

Besides that, as the night was slowly but surely coming by, the animals were getting louder. I was surrounded by many deer and something that sounded almost as wild boars that froze me completely for a while.

Do you know that my main fear since childhood was the dear of the dark? Oh yes, can still remember I struggled to go from living room into my own room at night, and the distance between the two rooms is probably around 7 meters. So yeah, this experience was definitely out of my comfort zone!

To be out in the woods, alone in the dark, surrounded by many animals. I love animals. Although everything changes once there’s dark involved.

I managed to create some cool clips, which I’m really grateful. It was all worth it in the end! But the shooting didn’t stop there. I was certain I’ll need some extra shoots the next evening.

So yeah, that’s about it for the first day.

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