Working on a new single as a DIY musician, Part 3: Music video recording, day 2

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So the first day I didn’t manage to record everything in the evening, simply because the evenings are short. I needed a couple of more shots and I knew time will be a challenge again, so I asked my dear partner for assistance where we made three other shots.

He had a wonderful idea that we should go to a beautiful place with river streams and waterfalls. Which I never thought of, but loved the idea sooo much!!

At first we were both a bit awkward, since he isn’t used of the camera, and I’m not used to act in front of someone. I’m usually the most comfortable when I record myself alone 😀 But after a while we both got a hang of it. And he pulled some really good shots, even though he’s not a photographer or a filmmaker. Truly grateful for his help.

However I still had some challenges. Like for example my cape decided to quit on me. The ropes, that hold the cape together by the neck, well… they teared off xD

But like Marie Forleo loves to say »Everything is Figureoutable«, I decided I won’t panic and figure something out.

So for the last two shots I acted as I was cold and was holding the neck part with my hand xD the idea was actually pretty great in the end, so we managed to pull it through, despite the obstacles. Love when these type of things happen! 😀

I also brought a lot of souvenirs back home (read: some old branches and autumn leaves, that got caught both on my dress and cape xD), which actually made my day! Currently I’m quite busy on the whole release thing and I rarely go to the woods. So seeing these souvenirs all over the place made me laugh as well as got me thinking something between the lines “if I can’t be in the woods, the woods come to me” xD haha.

Other than that we did great and can’t wait to start working on the green screen again. That will be amazing!

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