Working on a new single as a DIY musician, Part 4: Music video recording, day 3

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So on day 3 I decided to use green screen. Green screen is amazing! Especially for this kind of music genre, where is almost necessary to add some extra magic to it. Not saying that is impossible without green screen, of course not! You just need to figure it out, how you’ll make it happen.

This time I decided to add an additional item to my performance in front of green screen. I added a windy effect, simply by using the home ventilator!

Standing in front of the ventilator, pointed directly at you, for a few hours ain’t a joke! But the results are absolutely great! I decided to be pre-cautious when it comes to our health, especially in these times, so I treated myself with some warm tea and a bit of brandy in it.

That felt great, plus it gave me additional courage to give my best at performance in front of the camera. I did synchronization for the music video. And I really tried my best to be present in the song as much as possible.

For synchronization I used two different dresses, so there was a lot of costume and makeup involved as well…

I must admit… I hate wearing makeup…. Like really, hate it… Especially because my skin is so sensitive and whenever I put something unnatural on my face, I get acne and pimples… having acne and pimples in your thirties… not funny… 😀

If you’re following me on Instagram, you can tell from my selfies that I’m always without makeup. I only make exception for music videos and photo shootings 😉

Other than that, the 3rd day of shooting a music video went well. Grateful I get to do it all in my tiny studio. If you ever get curious, how I manage to create spaces properly for each task (recording vocals in a vocal booth, creating better acoustics, using green screen etc…), let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to share it with you soon!

So, this is it for day 3. Time to start editing a music video!

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