“Nova Zemlja” – song about the New Earth

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Before I continue with the post, I’m happy and grateful to let you know that my new single “Nova Zemlja” is OUT NOW!

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In the yesterday’s post I promised you I’d tell you more about the new single »Nova Zemlja«.

Song about New Earth. Many people hear a lot lately about the New Earth. Especially since 2020 came around the corner, even more people started to talk about the New Earth.

I wrote this song many years ago, I believe it was somewhere in 2013. And I was almost a bit terrified of it at that time. Mostly because of the message. And despite that, I knew it will be of great importance somewhere in the new future. Once the 2020 came around the corner, I received »the call«, that the time has come.

So what’s the story behind “Nova Zemlja”?

Nova Zemlja is a song between the old and the new. Song between old and new paradigms, ways of living, ways of thinking, ways of managing our lives. Song between the old Earth and the New Earth.

We are living in times, where we are experiencing the so-called lifting of the veil. We see more clearly, how things are running on our planet. Most of it not in a way that it would be beneficial, both for our planet, such as ourselves, animals and plants.

We can see a lot of things, that are just not good right now. The difference is only that, it was always like that -we just didn’t see it.

And since the lifting of the veil, everything is becoming loud and clear. And that’s one of the things I describe in my song. The things, that are getting obvious all around the globe. The things that are just not good. And that now, once we’re aware of them, we need to change them for the better.

We are moving to times, where we’ll need to take care of our dear planet. Or the planet will take care of us. We’re coming to times, where we’ll need to put our ego needs aside, in order to help humanity, animals and plants. We did a lot of damage throughout the years, may it be because of the air or water pollution, plastic, the thinning of the forest (especially the Amazonian rainforest), loosing touch with our families and communities do to the AI, the list goes on.

And this song serves as a reminder, that we need to be aware of the circumstances we created (or helped them create for someone else’s need) and how we treat our Great Mother Earth.

We are in times of great awakening. Where the New Earth is emerging. New Earth is promising heaven on Earth. And I truly believe this is the case. Some people are already experiencing Heaven on Earth. And most of us are on our way to it. But before that, our Mother wants to remind us of all the things we did wrong, that don’t belong on the New Earth. So we sure have to make things right before we can go there.

Choosing Love over fear. Choosing inner guidance and nature instead of technology (not saying that technology is bad, but we definitely need to work on the balance between AI and natural state of being).

Choosing to serve others instead of thinking only of our own needs. There will be times, when the world will need volunteers for things that are not revealed yet at the moment. Not sure when the time will come, but I’m certain it will.

When I first wrote down this song, it reminded me of Noah’s arc. That’s how powerful the lyrics are. And I was terrified of them because… well you can guess… I began wondering if a similar scenario could be presented in the near future.

Nowadays it’s getting pretty clear. It is quite a similar scenario, but not on a physical plane. It’s more of a spiritual battle. Battle of our demons, fears and struggles. So the messages that the lyrics contain, have more of a metaphorical meaning rather than physical. So have no fear, everything that’s inside the lyrics, is only meant as a state of mind 🙂

Choosing Fate, Light and Love, no matter how much someone out there wants to scare you with the news going around the globe.

Choosing Love. And creating your own reality around it. Some might think it’s not possible. I can tell you, it is. Your reality, no matter what kind of reality you create for yourself, is no different than the reality of someone else, despite being the exactly opposite as yours.

Okay I wandered a bit far with this post. I hope you understand what this song is all about. It’s about lifting on the veil, by sharing the things we need to change, in order to ascend to the New Earth.

Are you with me? Download / Stream “Nova Zemlja HERE

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