Let’s take a walk into the Forest

Over the last few days I was overwhelmed by all of the feedback I received from you guys. Never experienced something like this before and it was amazing, I must admit. And I can’t thank you enough for such a beautiful response on my first single, called Million Faces, Million Places.

And even though everything was so beautiful, I became overwhelmed. So I decided to go outside, and discover the forest in my new hometown. I just move to another town a couple of months ago and I always need some time to get used to a new place. And now I finally decided to go to the forest.


Oh my, what an energy was surrounded in this place. There are no words to describe, only feelings. Feelings of such joy and peace. I could only laugh as I walked through the grass and those magnificent beings – trees. I once heard someone say that trees are very spiritual beings. And I must agree. You can already see this by their shapes and positions. They stand tall and are growing towards the sky. They are in position of axis mundi (connection between below and above).

Axis-Mundi-xPicture is symbolic (source: web)

I won’t go into further details about axis mundi, but long story short, because of that they are in zen state all the time. And no wonder they affect you so much in a good way. Especially if you’re an empath, you feel those energies much deeper. They are greeting you in every step of the way. Some of them even send me gifts as I walked by – their fruits. They are our friends and they wish us nothing but well.

The forest is such a blessing, I don’t know if people realize this. Maybe a few of them, yes. Sooner or later, I hope the majority will find out about it as well. We need to take care of them. I just remembered of the Amazon rain forests and how the government is taking advantage of them. It breaks my heart. I pray things turn around soon. For the sake of the Earth and all creatures living here.

Not many of people realize that nature heals depression and different psychological illnesses. And today depression is something that affects a lot of people in this world. Some of them find good solutions, and some of them don’t.

Many of them find solutions in bad habits, such as alcohol or drugs, and some of them go to different institutions. I have no idea in what kind of shoes they had to walk. Maybe they didn’t have any other option. I just wish someday they’ll find a way, to get out of that trap that depression causes, or anxiety, or any other illness.

Back in the days, I was depressed as well. I only had one wish, to do the things that I love the most, but in those days all of that seemed impossible. I was stuck in the trap, my energy was getting lower and lower, like going down a spiral. It seemed like I’ll never hit the rock bottom, because the rock bottom just wasn’t there. Just a hole that moved forward and forward. Fortunately, I found some healthy help, which kicked me back on my feet in about a year. And from that day on I realized, meditation and walks into the forest are the best therapy there is. At least for me. Also swimming in the sea, hiking on the mountains, whatever suits your soul the most. And of course, do the things you love.

We need to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. If we won’t take care of ourselves, how will we take care of others?

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