✨New Album on the Horizon!✨

✨I have a very special news for you today !✨

I mentioned a few times about something that didn’t want to reveal it just yet. Well, due to certain events a few days back I got a feeling that it’s the time to do so 🙂 The reason I hold the news by myself for so long was because I don’t like to discuss about a project until it’s at least halfway done. But from seeing where I’m currently at, I guess I could say that I definitely went over the first half 😀

So the news is: I’M WORKING ON AN ALBUM 🎼🎹 !!! Huh, I said it, finally! After all these months! 😀 Not sure if I feel relieved or even more anxious. I’m working on a New Age album, filled with different messages, soulful singing, magical vocal harmonies and some epic drum beats!
On the album there will be 11 Ethereal Mystical songs, each of them with a special story to tell, which they build on one big story of personal growth journey, self discovering and finding nothing but love after that.

I can say it’s a conceptual album. Some of the songs were already created in my highschool years, and many of them were made after a certain point in my life when I reached a rock bottom and slowly began to start my Soul Journey. After that there’s only love and compassion 💜 .

Can’t wait to tell you more about it!! There’s still plenty of work to do.. Today I’m still recording, after that there needs to be done editing, mixing and mastering, then creating visuals for the album (and of course as nutts as I can be, I’m doing it all by myself!)… I kind of hoped I’d finished the recordings to this day, but due to global events my energy and plans went a bit bananas… so yeah, my apologies for the delay, I hope things will go more fluently from this point on 🙂 💜

Happy Friday, sending you much love 💜

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