Reviews & Comments

“Beautiful music 😊 it took me on a magical journey through various artists after listening to this last night and just what I needed in these dark and uncertain times. From one hippy heart to another thank you.”
~ L.T.

“Amazing singer and artist overall. Her voice is magical. “
~ G. Jez

“Yesterday I was listening to your ep while coming home after work, through the country road leading to my place and it was just the perfect soundtrack for that moment… you’re an amazing artist… I’m glad to have found you.”
~D. Valecchi

“The Mystical Acoustic soul version of Janis Joplin and Jewel. I definitely hear your Celtic and world influences in your music. I can picture your music being on soundtracks to movies like Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. ”
~E. Salvemini

“❤️ Very nice MJ! I like how you sing around the chords. It’s hard to explain, but it’s as if your voice is weaving around trees in a forest.🎶🌲 “

                          “I love you…… You have a good heart… And u change people’s lives and give them positivity… Hope…
                                                                                 Thank you 💜🥇☝️✨🔥💜
                                                                                                   ~ G. Matthew

“Amazing person, who makes amazing music! ❤️ “
~ B. Razpet

“Wow really cool stuff! Like i even hear like a madrigal influence which is so cool!”
~R. Kelly

“Amazing and spiritual music. <3 “
~ M. Rupnik

“Beautiful, music for the Soul <3 “
~ M. Jeram

“Very nice singer, beautiful voice!”
~ B. Košir

  “Miss MJ hearing your voice always makes me smile😀😄🙌👏 “
~J. Blu

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