Ever encountered the darker parts of your Soul? You might be surprised…

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Hello, my dear Friend, how are you?

(A surprise is at the bottom of this email, scroll down if you don’t want to read the whole text – today I’m feeling a bit chatty 😁 )

As you might already read the title before you even opened this blog, today I want to ask you if you ever encountered the darker parts of your Soul?

I know, this seems quite odd and strange, why someone who talks about Love and Light is now asking you this. Let me explain.

As a person, who loves to heal through different practices (may it be music as you already know, may it be paintings and other forms of art), I also love to explore through different meditative and shamanic practices.

In shamanism I discovered this so called “Shadow work”, where you literally work with your shadow, meaning the darker, suppressed parts of your Soul, that somewhere in the past you decided to leave them somewhere in the corner, where no one can discover them… and at some point neither can you.

These darker parts can vary from so many different sides. Some of them might not even be yours, but you’re carrying them from your ancestors, or previous lifetimes…

In these parts you can carry old child wounds, that you decided to suppress and forget along the Journey, because it was painful to carry them with you.

You can also carry old, unsolved karmic experiences, and so much more… it’s almost as infinite as the Universe.

Sound like something, we should just leave it behind, right? I guess this can depend on each and every individual. We all have our own paths to walk, I’m sure some have strong reasons to leave them behind…

But if you’re anything like me, and you notice that certain things are not going as you hope they would, then you may experience some blocks, that are preventing you from following your true, Authentic path. Or even challenging your health at some point.

Blocks can be healed. In many different ways. And some of them are by using shadow work.

I felt drawn to this experience, to encounter “My shadow” and can still remember, how it was. It was intense in many ways. But it all depends on how we accept the whole experience.

Can we view it from birds perspective, or we go full-ego in it? If we choose the second option, I can imagine it can be quite challenging.

But if we can be as much of the observer as possible, we can learn and gain and maybe even laugh so much once we encounter it.

One of the reasons, why it’s good to meet our Shadow is because our Shadows hold so many treasures, wisdom and knowledge about ourselves, about our Strengths, and also about our fears (which, once we’re aware of them, we can heal them – oh yes!!).

And once we learn and grow in these areas, our entire lives can change and transform in so many beautiful and Magical ways.

My song, Letter to Homer, was exactly it. And through the melody I unleashed something I never did before. I felt the Magic. I felt the energy. I realized all the answers lie inside of me.

And inside of everyone else on this Earth. Including You.

And we can all receive it if we’re willing to.

And now I’m grateful and honored to share with you my own personal experience with meeting my Shadow, through one of my songs! 🎶

📜“Letter to Homer” Official Lyric Video, now available on my YouTube channel! 📜 I’m really proud of this one, since my PS and video editing skills are finally paying of 🤭
(can you see the fire inside the candle moving? I was screaming out of Joy when I made this!! 😂)

🧙🏼Letter to Homer is like a gentle reminder, that whenever we seek for answers, we just need to focus inward and listen.

🧙🏼Sometimes the messages lies with our Guardians and Spirits, and sometimes with our inner Wizards, such as my Homer.

🧙🏼Hope you’ll enjoy this first experience by watching the lyric video down below! 


🧙🏼Blessed be, my dear, and whenever in doubt, go inwards and simply ask:

-“What is this experience teaching me?”
-“What can I learn from it?”
-“What am I afraid of, and why?”

You got this, I’m rooting for you! 💜💜

Sending you a warm embrace, and lots of Love 💜

M.J. Harmony

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