Million Faces, Million Places

Somewhere not so long ago,
I’ve found myself with a deeper shore.
He smiled at me, and said hello,
and walked me through my own past road.

And he’s not the only one to show the game,
millions of them still teach the same.
Fire burns like in the old mine days,
the only thing is that we ended up different ways.

A million faces, a million places,
never seem to reach for an end.
A million faces, a million places,
still calls for me, to make a better plan.

The shore is long, the Oceans unknown,
for body alone, but not for the core.
Truths are spread everyday,
just open your heart and watch it on replay.

A million faces, a million places…

Loading images, loading messages,
even the lyrics go by the same way.
They are waiting for you to listen,
open up, you already know everything.

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