Path of the Soul, Pt. 2 – Demons

Demons are going through my brain,
it seems to be driving me insane.
How absurd this could have been thought,
the thoughts are drinking my blood down the flood.

My body seems irrelevant
outside the field (seems it doesn’t belong to what is real),
oh dearly Beloved,
can it make it clear (chains unspoken, chains to be broken),
by the anger that keeps
moving inside (and having no thoughts to find).

Spirit seems to not follow the Path,
but it’s being kept in a dungeon of fears.
Fears and betrays, fears and sorrows,
some times it feels like there’s no tomorrow.

Could someone explain the answer to my horror… (2x)

Somebody save me, oh baby, oh baby oh..
Somebody save me… (save me, save me, save me from this misery!)


(I’m running in circles, whispering my name…
I’m begging for mercy, please just let it go away, oh!)

Is there anyone, is there anyone
who could help me get outta here.
Is there anyone, is there anyone,
or is it all up just to me?

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