Ode To Trees

Blessed are the days
I can spend them by you near,
blessed are the moments
I get to speak with you dear.

Full of Wisdom, full of Courage,
Passion flows through your wooden veins,
connected with our Mother and beyond.

Deep in the Roots,
deep in the words,
your gratitude doesn’t seem to end.
I’m glad to see such happiness
in such a stabled mind. 

(“Do you feel the fresh air?
Aren’t you glad to be here?”) (4x)

Blessed are the days,
I can spend them by you near…

“Your stillness empowers me,
your embrace is such a haven to me,
I hope people will cherish your ways
the same way I cherish our days.
Love is what matters to you,
our channel between beneath and beyond.
Thank you.” 

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