Million Faces, Million Places [Eagle EP]

Shaman Song [Eagle EP]

Ode To Trees [Eagle EP]

Million Faces, Million Places (Lyric Video)

My first original song, called “Million Faces, Million Places”.

A simple, evening mood version of an evergreen song, called Nights in White Satin:

Many of us now the famous Landslide by the band Fleetwood Mac. And many of us are in love with Stevie Nicks. And like many of us, I couldn’t resist to make a simple acoustic cover of this song.

Dreams, by Fleetwood Mac, live version outside, in the good company of birds and crickets.

Wrapped Around Your Finger, by the band Police. Had to do my own version of it 🙂 If the intro is boring, make sure you get to the other half of the song, it gets pretty interesting 😉

Nights in White Satin, originally performed by The Moody Blues.

Last (but not least), live acoustic version of Changes, originally by Lana Del Rey.

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