The River

Yesterday I posted on Facebook about one of my songs from the upcoming EP. As you can already see in the title, it will about the River. What River, you may ask?

Have you watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian? If you didn’t I highly recommend you watch them all. But if you did, then you probably remember the epic battle scene on the River bridge.

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The epic River scene was filmed in our country, on the famous Soča river. Soča is well known and loved because of her beautiful emerald color,  surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Soča is a great inspiration for many poets, painters and also musicians. And I’m truly grateful to be one of them. She gave me a song, that will be released on my upcoming EP. Thank you, Soča.

I still remember the day I was meditating by her shore, and just observed, how beautifully she flowed. Her emerald color is impossible to ignore. She was at such peace and I heard her whisper: “M.J., … why don’t you write me a song… I know you can….”

And there I was, sitting by the shore, grabbed my notebook, and started to write. It all went so fluently, like Soča was giving me the direction, in which way to move. Even the rhythm, it all went as she was moving me the entire creating process.

Song “The River” was performed live once. And one wonderful lady came to me and told me that she felt the river waves, and that she was floating the entire song. As happy as I was to hear something like this, I couldn’t be more grateful to my lovely friend.

And as one verse in the song goes: “Listen to the River, she knows.” 

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