Shaman Song (Cover by Cottage Jam Studios)

Truly beyond words and literally hard to express the joy and honor I feel at the moment… 💜
Today I discovered, that a new upcoming artist, that goes by the name Cottage Jam Studios, created an instrumental version oh my original song, “Shaman Song”! 😮 😊 I must admit, this suprise was definitely something I didn’t foresee nowhere near this time! My first reaction, when I responded to the sweet Soul, was literally: “is this for real???” 😀 
Not to mention how GOOD and brilliant it is!! 💜 I believe I even prefer it to my original, haha. Thank you Cottage Jam, I feel truly honored and blessed with this version, you did an amazing job, I love it! 🙂
Hope you’ll enjoy this gentle and touching instrumental version of Shaman Song, much love <3 and please share some support to the upcoming artist, by clicking the like button and subscribing to his channel. I can 

tell we’re about for a wonderful treat! :))) Grateful to the Moon and back! <3

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