Working on a new single as a DIY musician, part 5: Editing a music video

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Editing a music video is one of the most fun things to do. Especially when you get to laugh at the random bloopers you catch on camera and are simply a must to save xD.

First I started with green screen synchronizations. Green screen usage is still relatively new to me, and I wanted to finish with it as soon as possible. Plus, I somehow find it easier to start with syncs and later adding the extra footage to the video.

It took me quite some time to put it together, since I took a few takes for each part and wanted to use the best clips in the video.

There’s also an interesting… experience with removing green screen. My green screen is not perfect, let me tell you that!

Firstly, there’s not enough space in my room to add the lights properly. Secondly, the material is strange and I can’t iron it in any way. So it has wrinkles (wrinkles are no good…).

So, removing green screen with chroma keyer (as it’s most common among the majority), is not a way to do it in my case.

That doesn’t mean it’s mission impossible though. Luckily I found some amazing people with their tutorials on YouTube, who helped me big time with my situation. By using a different plugin I managed to remove green screen. It took some extra efforts to pull it through, but it was worth it. Still struggling to remove the green halo around the object though.. Hope I manage to figure this one out some day (since I can’t use chroma keyer to fix it).

When I put all the proper clips on their places, I rendered the video for the first time. I render a few times throughout the process. Simply because it gets too much for my laptop to handle. One day I’ll get myself a proper laptop. For now, I couldn’t be more grateful to my laptop for his patience. He truly does his best, even though is not designed to work like this 😀

When it got rendered, I started to work on the story inside the music video.

I have to thank for providing royalty free video clips, which can really help, whenever you need to add extra worth to your story in the music video or any video in general. And in this video, the story will be of big importance.

What’s the story behind the new music video »Nova Zemlja« (New Earth)?

Will let you know in the next post 😉

And…. since tomorrow is Nov. 26th, which means it’s the day of the release of the new single “Nova Zemlja”, I’m just gonna say… BE ON THE LOOKOUT TOMORROW!!!

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Only a day left! Can’t wait to share this baby with you! <3 <3

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