It took me 4 months to do this… and it was totally worth it! 😊

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Hello my dear friend, how are you?

Are you feeling the holiday season in the air? ✨

I’m definitely feeling it, since I just recently learned, that I’m gonna become a cat mom!! Gosh, I’m so nervous, but soo excited at the same time! 😻😻

That’s not the reason I’m writing to you today though…

I also wanted to ask you: how are you enjoying my latest single “Nova Zemlja🌍✨” so far? Would be amazing to hear your thoughts 🙂

You know…

As I started to reflect on the entire process once the single was released, I realized, that it took me 4 months to create this song from start to finish. From my previous experiences this one is definitely a record breaker! 😀

A lot of things happened during these four months. Some days were absolutely Magical, and some days.. not so Magical 😀 a dynamic Journey indeed!

Not to mention all the obstacles that came by! There was a lot of them…

And I thought to myself, hm… maybe this could be interesting for my audience, to give them a ride through the entire process 🙂 

So I said, why not – I created a new vlog, that captures an entire 4 month Journey of “Nova Zemlja🌍✨”!

Here you go, hope you’ll find it both inspiring and amuzing 😊

Za slovenske prijatelje – sem dodala slovenske podnapise 😉


I’m also happy and honored to announce, that I’m preparing a very special project in the near future, which will involve about 20 different nations and languages!!😍 Can’t wait to share this one with you!

Blessed be, my dear, and in case we don’t hear from each other until the New Year,

I’m wishing you a very very Happy New Year! And may the next year be filled with Love and lots and lots of Light 🤍

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If you enjoy my content, be sure to spread the word and share it with others. The more, the merrier! 😉

Thank you for being a part of this Journey 🙂

Take care, much Love 🤍
M.J. Harmony

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