Songs about Trees, Rivers and other Beings

Before the release of my new EP I’d like to share with you, what will be the EP all about.

You can already see in the title that are songs about Trees, Rivers and other Beings. How did I came up with these ones? Well, everything in our World is alive, isn’t it? But not many of us write about those creatures. So why not? And I think we actually need something like this more often in our lives.

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They inspire me on a daily basis, such as music, so I dedicate my first EP to these wonderful creatures. And also I would like for everyone of us to realize on a deeper level, what these creatures mean to us.

Sometimes, when I see the news around the world, or just see what are the priorities in some people lives, I get the feeling they think they are the only living beings in this World. They are so ignorant when it comes to taking care of our planet, which is (at least for now) our only home.
For example, we can see that we have issues with plastic all over the World. I’m not saying we need to take action on a global level right now, but today I went for a walk in the forest and saw rubbish on the ground. That made me sad. Is it so difficult to take empty soda cans to the nearer bin? There are small steps to make a difference. So we can start with that.

Besides cleaning the forests after others, I like to write and sing about the nature and her ways of living, because maybe, just maybe I can somehow make a small impact on people reconsidering their priorities, or at least a small way of thinking. Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but hey, where would we go without a piece of optimism? So here’s hoping.

More about the Trees, Rivers and other Beings – in the upcoming EP 😉


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