Welcome to my home recording studio

So today I wanted to welcome you into my own home recording studio, where I’m recording my first EP, that will be released in the Winter! Yeeey! 😀

Studio is settled up in the attic of a place where I currently live. It’s a small place inside my room, where I managed to create an isolation wall for better acoustics.

Obviously I can’t compare it to professional studios, but it’s something that I put together and I’m really grateful for having it. It took me years before I reached all of the gear I’m using today.

I’m pretty oldschool and I love to play all of the instruments by myself. No midi inputs and those kind of things… at least for now, who knows where we’re heading, right? 🙂


I used to be a singer in different bands, but due to different interests of band members I had to find a way to put out my music, some of them I wrote a decade ago.

So I was kind of pushed into a place, where I had to learn all of the instruments, which is also a blessing. I always wanted to play as many instruments as possible. And now I actually do. I even said to myself, when I get older, I’ll get myself a cello, hehe. We’ll see, someday, maybe.

Currently I’m playing on acoustic guitar, bass guitar, cajon and other percussion, such as shakers and tambourine. For other special effects I like to use my own voice, and do different harmonies with it. So the music gets pretty filled.

I do everything on my own. From playing to recording to mixing to mastering. It’s something that I subconsciously always wanted to do, but had no idea about it, until I was kind of forced to do it. And I’m truly grateful for it.

What I also love about DIY recording, is that it’s the same procedure as you’re painting on a canvas. Not many of you know, that I’m also a painter and I’m planning to do a painting for my EP cover. And what I meant by painting on canvas, is that you’re the master of the white canvas, you can do whatever you want with it. It’s the same with sound. I love to discover my sound on my own, take some time and just experiment with it. And then you put layers on layers. It’s the same, in only different package. And I simply love it.


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