Two small performances in two days :)

Hello everyone,
I have an interesting weekend coming up: I’ll have two small performances two days in a row! 
Must admit I’m pretty nervous, even though I have over 10 years of experiences in concerts, gigs etc. 
But I guess it has to do something with being an independent artist after all this time.
A decade ago I had my first solo performance with a guitar and there was a part, that I still remember quite good…. that damn B minor chord…
I was playing on a classical guitar, that had a very thick neck and it was difficult to play with my small fingers. And everything went well actually, ’till the last chorus, where it went higher for half a tone… And I needed to press B minor… for those that don’t know, how B minor chord looks like, well it’s pretty “ninja” – I was breaking my fingers for many years on that chord, and sometimes I still do. 
Anyways, back to the story… when it came to that chord, it actually went two seconds or more, before I finally got that chord… and in those two seconds…there was silence… nothing… niente… nada… niet. 
Two seconds can be awfully a lot in music. You can imagine… before that everything went fluently…like you would wander around…and then suddenly there was this silence, like someone interrupted that wander. It was hideous and funny at the same time.
Fortunately people liked it anyway, and told me, that by that incident it actually looked like a human being was playing it… hah, well that was a lovely comfort. 
But no matter how people accept it, it still marked my soul. ‘Till this day. Guess I’ll have to keep on trying ’till I finally heal this wound, right? Nevertheless, I feel totally grateful and excited that people ask for me performing, so no matter what, we’ll make it work. 
Wish me luck! 😉 

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