Shaman Song

There’s one song I haven’t talk to you about it yet. As you can already see in the title, the song is called “Shaman Song”.

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Before I even knew, what will the song be all about, what kind of lyrics will it have, and what will the title be, I just had this melody. The melody you’ll hear at the very beginning of the song. But from the very first moment that melody came into my mind, I knew it’ll have to do something with a magical experience.

I always had something in common with shamanism, I saw it through different experiences, but a year ago I had a wonderful opportunity to meet a shaman, that had lectures and spiritual journeys for a whole week on a festival, called Ozora. He was also very funny and always saying that we shouldn’t believe a word he says or that we should decide if we believe him or not. Probably this was what inspired me the most.

From that time my life transformed a lot. Thanks to his lessons which I practice regularly, I see the World from a different perspective, which is much easier to handle. Perspective, where the ego has no power over our thoughts, and just simply being and discovering our lives.

So this is what the song is all about. Those experiences. Letting go of the ego, that controls to much of our lives, and diving into the unknown and feeling much more alive than we normally do.

I hope you’ll love this song, it’s personally my favourite because of the message that it’s sharing. A message that we should follow our own path, not what others are trying to convince us. And that we should simply trust, that everything will turn out all right, if we are willing to follow and do the work.

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