Moments of Gratitude

At this moment today I couldn’t be more grateful. You know, when there just comes a moment when you feel such gratitude inside?

The reason why I’m writing this today is simply because it got me thinking of the path that I’m currently on, and more specifically, the path that I already made.

You know, sometimes you look back in certain things, and you start to think if there were better ways to get through. Did you made the right decisions? Should you do something else instead?

Like for instance, I’m in a position where I ask my self a lot, why didn’t I start with the ideas, that I have, sooner in my life? Why was I avoiding it with different tasks, different ideas, different career oriented lifestyles, when I can see now that it was inevitable.

Like for example, I went to art college… and sometimes I think, why did I go to art college? Or maybe, why did I even go to college? When I already knew what I wanted to do. And it had nothing to do with college. You know, sometimes you think that you just wasted 6 more years on doing this, probably just because others wanted for you to do something with your life… But is that truly what you needed?

It’s a topic I could write for hours, but today I just want to make this conclusion: It was worth it! Even though I’m not doing the path that should be doing after I graduated, I learned certain skills over those 6 years, that are pretty useful in my life today.

Like you may already know, I’m a self-taught singer songwriter, musician, music composer and producer. But having only an audio product is not enough if you want to be a professional musician. You need to create your own brand. When it comes to branding, you need to have several things in mind, and one of them is DESIGN. And when I mention design, this is something, that I learned in college for 6 years and I graduated out of it.

The knowledge, the tools they provided, the attitude towards design, college gave me so much information, that I keep them deeply in my mind and heart today.

Recently I just started creating a piece of my brand by using vector design graphics.

I needed a while to get a hang of it, and through the years I kind of manage to work with it. If I look back now, and think, where would I be if I wouldn’t go to college, I think I’d missed a lot of advanced knowledge that is useful today as I’m creating my brand.

When I was creating this spiritual tree, my mind was speaking loudly in a loop. It said: “Grateful I went to art college, grateful I went to art college, grateful I went to art college….

Everything happens for a reason… Everything.
Sooner or later you get the answer.

These kind of moments inspire you so much, that you think you can do a couple of more tasks today and not wait until tomorrow or some other day. Moments of gratitude are awesome!

How often do you practice gratitude?

Have a lovely day,


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