For everyone who find their inspiration in the Nature

Yesterday I came across a record that was written about women, who find their inspiration in Nature. It was written in my maternal language on the website and the original author goes by the name Ana Vehovar. This article touched me so much I decided to translate it into English, for all of you who are reading this blog. Now this record refers to women, but I would like to dedicate this one to everyone, who feel and find their inspiration in Nature:

The record is intended for women who, in the age of the cosmetic industry, media-imposed values and images of beauty, manage to preserve their reality and find strength and inspiration in nature.

“Woman, that lives with Nature,
is the one who feels best when looking at the sunrise, while she stands barefoot on the ground and is powered by the energy that is heard everywhere around it.

She is not afraid of silence or the darkness.
Her skin is not flawless and perfect but it shows that she lives her life.
Her socks are often torn and the shoes are dirty, faded and worn out.
She has scratches and wounds that have shaped her so that she is today as she is.
Sometimes she cries and yells. Sometimes she doesn’t know exactly why.

Mountains and forests know her every secret.
Her favorite dance floor is in the middle of the hay.
Sometimes she asks a tree or a river for help/power.
Even if she goes the same way every day, she’s different every day.
Sometimes it’s tough, but she’s fighting.

When fear approaches her, she goes on.
With every day she jumps over stones and skips streams more easily.
Maybe she doesn’t look like a girl from the cover, but her energy … she shines even when clouds cover the stars.

She wants more from life than just sitting in the office and doing household work.
Her adventure story never ends.
Red faces of fresh air, scattered hair from the wind, dirty pants of mud.
She doesn’t need understanding or approval of others.
She found her cure.
Oh, that happy girl. She needed some time, but she found it.”

Hope this record inspired you, it certainly did good to me 🙂
Good day everyone,


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