🦋How often do you feel as one with the Nature?

A few days ago a little miracle happened. Although similar miracles happened already in the past, I always consider these kind of events as miracles, because they touch you every time they occur.

We were at the seaside for a couple of days with our camper van. One day I met this beautiful friend on my path and I immediately felt the connection with him.

Beautiful little friend

I always loved to connect with butterflies and most of the times I succeeded to connect with them by getting them on my hand. Usually it took me minutes, but this time, I saw he felt the connection immediately as well – two seconds and he was on my hand. It was beautiful. I took him to the camp and we just enjoyed our presence for a while. He didn’t bother leaving and was very still. Once my partner gently poked him because we thought he was injured, but he flew and went on the other side of my body.

It was beautiful, I felt he was feeling safe in my presence and didn’t want to leave. After a while we had to move further, so I had to say goodbye. The butterfly understood completely. I sent him all my love and told him telepathically it’s time to move on. And off he went… 🦋

Butterflies always remind me that we are all connected. All that can be sensed simply by their presence (once there was a butterfly on my balcony in the evening and through the entire night and morning, until I told him he can go. It looked like he – or the Universe – was guarding me. Funny, ha?) 💜

Do you experience these kind of miracles, that are reminding you, that the Universe has your back?

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