Jeanne D’ Arc – New Album Release!

A few days ago I shared a special announcement with you, that I’ll be finally releasing my new album, called “Jeanne D’ Arc“, which will see it’s light on 11th of January 2021!
Aahh, I still can’t believe this day has finally arrived!! After one year of song writing, recording, editing, mixing it really seems a bit surreal that my baby is finally ready to head to the world!
✨My Jeanne… filled with so many emotions, from the lower ones all the way up to the top.
It’s a conceptual album, filled with vulnerability, Love, finding Strenght and Light.
✨A story about a Spirit, that’s in search of its own true authentic self.
✨A story of ways to remember or discover your own unique path.
✨A story of realizing the Strenght, that is available to each and everyone of us if we decide to open to it. And Magic, that occurs once we finally reach this point.
✨A story about Harmony, where in order to see the Light you’ll probably also experience some darkness and face your inner shadows…

✨A story about finding your own Freedom and Truth.
There will also be a few surprises inside this album. But about that some other time :)))

Mark the date 1/ 11/ 2021 on your calendar, I can’t wait for you to hear it!!

Much Love and wishing you a Happy and Magical December <3

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