Jeanne D’ Arc (Album Trailer)

Hello, my Magical Friend!

First of all, I would Love to wish you a wonderful, Magical, Mystical New Year 2021!
May it be filled with lots of Love, Abundance, Light and Truth!

Hope you got to spend it in a way you desired the most, may it be celebrating with your family and friends, or in a quiet space, gaining energy and wisdom for the year to come!

There’s only a few days left until the Official Album Release!

I can’t believe my baby is finally heading out into the World 🥰! And for that I have to thank you, my dearest Friend, for the Love and Support throughout the entire Journey. You are the main reason it all happened! And for that I’m grateful to the infinity and beyond 💚.

For this special opportunity I made a short Album Trailer of all the songs, that are on the album.

Click the image down below and hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂





With the Album trailer being released, I’m happy to announce that pre-orders are available from this moment on!

If you’re interested in getting a CD or a digital download, you can get your pre-order here.

If you decide to receive a CD album, I’m also going to add a signed personal note for you 😉

Hope you’ll Love it, would be happy to learn what you think 💚⚔️💚.

May the album serves its purpose, and may the year starts on a lighter foot by listening to the Mystical Ethereal tunes, supported by current and more and more active topics on Spiritual Journeys and Awakenings, Shadow works, and finding inner Peace, Strength and Harmony despite the outside circumstances.

Some say this year we should trust our own instincts and not the voices of the mainstream media or other entities, that are in touch with fear. Some say that this year, the Light will come to surface, but it will be felt, not seen. So trust your instincts and embrace your Intuition! 💚⚔️💚

Sending you Blessings, much Love,


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