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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging. It’s a curiosity I’ve been flirting with for a while now, and especially in the modern times, when consistency is almost crucial for your existence as an artist. I can’t imagine, as a DIY musician, do be consistent with music on a daily, weekly, even monthly basis… it’s just (at least for me) impossible. I guess it could be possible if I made simple covers or create some music just for the sake of creating it… is there a point in it? To have a bunch of music just for the sake of having it? Probably a matter of each individual, I suppose. I can only speak from my own personal experience.

I usually love to write songs about something, that triggers my Soul on many different levels. And that’s what I also want to share with the rest of us. Songs about meaning, purpose, growth, strength, life in general. You’ll very rarely see me write a love song. Not that I have anything against them, it’s just there’s already plenty of them out there. Songs of encouragement, questioning and wondering about our lives, not so plenty…

Whenever I write music, I really need to be inspired by something, otherwise it seems meaningless and wasted.

So whenever I have nothing to compose musically, I can write blogs. Write about the journey of a DIY musician, the obstacles, the falls, the rises and everything in between.

How to approach certain things. How with simply being creative can achieve much more than you could expect, with using simple solutions to your challenges.

Like for example, my studio is a small room in the attic, where I record/ produce/ mix/ use green screen for photo shootings and music videos/ paint and design/ do yoga/ you name it… It’s a small place, but manageable for everything you decide to create if you only know how to approach to it.

Back in the days I had a lot of people saying things like »this place ain’t acoustic enough/ this gear isn’t good enough/ you need to hire a professional for that/ you can’t master your mixes, what’s wrong with you??” (Of boy, if there’s something I learned through these years, is definitely the myth of mastering… anyone can do the mastering, it’s truly the simplest thing out there… mixes, on the other hand, are different… mixes are the ones you really need to have a clue what you’re doing…).

I’m not saying I’m perfect and that I know it all… far from it. All I’m trying to say is… how will you ever master these skills, unless you start with whatever you have at the moment, may it be an experience or having a proper gear, place?


So what I’m trying to say is… anything is possible, and in case you need to hear this – don’t you ever try to limit yourself! No matter what you do and want to create in your life. Whenever you think there’s something that can’t be done because of a certain circumstance, may it be money/ assistance/ not a proper equipment/ place etc… let me tell you, everything is possible! Or as Marie Forleo loves to say: »Everything is Figureoutable!« (P.S.: if you ever need entrepreneurial advice, she is your girl!).

I’m grateful I once read an interview about a Slovenian one-man blues band, named Samuel Blues. He’s a DIY musician as well, and he said about his work something along the lines, that he doesn’t understand, why would you give your product to someone else to develop in their own way. Because to him this is like as the painter would give his painting someone else to paint. And that stroke me big time then. From that moment on I never looked back and wondered, if I needed to hire someone else to produce my music.

I won’t say I’ll never do that, though… but I’ll definitely do that for completely different reasons than I would in the past.

With this blog I want to share my approaches to things that come across my path. And what a better way than to start with the next single, that will be out on Nov. 26th!

Those of you who are already reading my posts on Instagram, I feel I need to share that I’ll probably be a bit rawer than I’m on my IG posts. I guess it all depends on which kind of topics I write. If I’ll write topics about personal growth and spiritual journey, I’m sure it’ll be much more similar to the IG posts 🙂

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Thank you for being a part of this Journey, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Many Blessings <3 <3

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