Working on a new single as a DIY musician, part 1: Recording “Nova Zemlja”

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So this is the first official “my attempt of blogging” day… We’ll see how it goes…

I wanted to share with you a bit of behind the scenes, how someone creates a new composition from start to finish. Music video included. Today we are starting with the next single, that will be out on Nov. 26th. It’s called Nova Zemlja (meaning New Earth).

In short, it’s always a new experience, which contains both excitement, experiencing the perfect state of flow and being in the present moment, and also some amount of frustration. Especially for this song.

I wrote this song many years ago. And I always had high standards for it. Still do. And I waited for many years to put it out. Because I wanted to put it out in the best way that I could.

Back then I had very little recording and mixing skills. Today I can say I’m a bit better. And the calling of finally putting out this composition was intense. So yeah, it was a strong indicator, that the time is now… which doesn’t necessarily mean I’m actually ready for it, hehe…

So making of this composition was quite new for me. Not only I began using midi controller, which I never did before. Midi controllers always seemed to me like an alien technology. I bought midi somewhere last year and was waiting on me through all this time, simply because I was overwhelmed by it. I struggled just connecting it with the recording software, so you can imagine, how much time I needed to actually start composing with it.

Luckily my partner is more of a technical type and he managed to figure it out quite fast. And I burst into tears the moment it started working. Yep, it was that much of a pressure. Thank you, Blaž 🙂 And then the whole process was a lot different than it usually was. I’m grateful I managed to move past my own obstacles. It’s always a pleasure to gain some new lessons and move upward.

I love writing new music when it comes to creative part. But I’m always nervous when it comes to technical part and recording software and such. Which is something that many would’ve said »well, why don’t you hire someone then?«.

I know, I can be complexed when it comes to these things…

I love it and hate it at the same time. The benefits, whenever I record alone; I can play and move around with the composition infinitely. When you hire someone, you pay the hours. But when I record something, which can sometimes last more than a month, depends on how inspired you are (and since 2020 I kind of struggle with that), there’s no pressure of counting the hours. And I really put my all into it and give it all the time it needs. Which I probably wouldn’t if I hired someone. So I hope I answered the question.

The recording of the song lasted for two months. Mainly because I had some ideas, how the song should sound, but didn’t had the right equipment to achieve it. So I had to improvise and experiment with what I had.

Whenever I added a new track to the composition, I felt as I was high on something. The feeling was amazing. You know, when the God / the Source / Pachamama provides you with whatever you need and you use your body to materialize it… oh yes, the feeling is just mesmerizing. Being in the state of flow, in the present moment, and just listen to the music stream, that exists all around us, it’s only a matter if we are willing to listen.

When it comes to usual instruments, I used only vocals and guitar in this one. The rest was midi and my synth keyboard.

Not sure what to say about the production of the song… it took me a long time… 80 individual tracks to mix, it was intense… I was pissed most of the time, haha 😀 But once it was done, I was as happy as a man who won the lottery! The end results are always beneficial, no matter how much we struggle in the meantime with it.

This is for this post. If you have any additional questions about this journey, about music composing, mixing, producing, let me know in the comment, and I’ll be happy to respond!

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