My Story

I’m M. J. Harmony, a Slovenian New Age artist, singer songwriter, musician and producer, that creates Mystical Ethereal Music, supported with Reiki healing energy.

I come from a land that is mostly covered with forests, which helped me grow and inspired me to become what I am today.

I also come from a land that has a word “LOVE” inside her name, which inspires me on a daily basis.

I created my own home recording studio and started with some music covers in my own arrangements, but now I started to work on my own material, which will be filled with meaningful lyrics, passionate beats and vocal harmonies.

Through the years meditation became my daily practice and I am also a Reiki practitioner, which helped me come to a place where I am today, with health, way of thinking, and of course, creativity.

In January 2019 I released my first EP, called Eagle, where I let go of everything I once knew and just listened to the Whispers of the Spirits, of what they wanted to say, and then I translated them into music.

On 11th of January 2021 I released my new album, Jeanne D’ Arc. The album is filled with Love, Strenght, Freedom, Truth and Magic, but also has a bit of darker tones in it. It’s a conceptual album that talks about finding and embracing our own authentic self, which can be challenging at times, facing some darkness, meeting our inner shadows. But after facing and embracing them Magic happens; when finding the balance, Harmony you finally begin to rise as Phoenix rises from the ashes.

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