Keep the Magic

Hey you out there,
how do you feel?
You seem to feel small,
is there something to heal?

You say that your heart is
wounded by days.
The days just go by
and wounds are getting deeper and deep…

Hey you, don’t hesitate,
you care softness inside of you.
It takes courage to carry it with
to the world outside of you.

But that’s why you mean to me
there is Magic inside of you!

Keep the Magic,
keep the Magic,
gotta keep the Magic,
inside of You.

Hey you with sadness in your eyes,
I can still see the sunlight right between your lines.

It’s still keeping you warm,
the path is pushing you on.

Keep the Magic,
just keep the Magic,
you gotta keep the Magic,
inside of You.

No need to worry,
everything’s gonna be alright,
just keep your head up high,
up to the sky…

And just fly, fly fly, up to the sky, sky….

Fly… fly… fly…up to the sky…. (just keep your head up high, high)

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