Path of the Soul, Pt. 3 – Rising

Down on Earth, push to fall even lower…
Seems like a blur, but yet to real…
Wearing scars, behind the bars,
bleeding inside and outside…
Praying to the Lord up above to stand by my side…

Now I know I finally have the Strength,
I’ll carry on, I’ll rise above.
I see the Phoenix rising,
behind my back.
Through my hair with angry and passionate eyes,
delivers my Soul, there is no hole.

No hole….no hole…

Life pushes me over edge,
but I don’t give within,
I’m struggling, I roar like a lion.
An iron wheel is my witness,
I fall and rise,
don’t emphasize, the sky will drown into the hole…

Hole of the Truth, hole of Reality,
no more lies, no more ground…

Where I’ll be hunting my Soul,
eating my heart,
and crying for inner peace and understanding…

My skin will become my flame,
my voice will be fire burning,
my Heart and Soul will become like the Phoenix,
like the Phoenix…

…And we’ll see him Rising….

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