Million Faces, Million Places

On 11th of October 2018 I released my first single, called “Million Faces, Million Places”.


This is my first original song, performed under artistic name M.J.Harmony, which was a bit scary, but also very inspiring and exciting.

It’s a song about all the beings that surrounds us, and many of us aren’t aware of. When I say beings, I mean everything. Animals, trees, water, the sky. Beings and Spirits from different physical realms. If you ever heard of Akashic Records, then you’ll probably understand even more of what I’m saying. Or just if you heard of the term reincarnation, will do a lot.

Now I normally don’t like to say a lot about my music. I remember when Stevie Nicks from the famous Fleetwood Mac once said “Read between my lines”. I would like to do the same and give you just some hints, but the rest is up to you and how you define the meaning.

So here is my first official music video for an original song called “Million Faces, Million Places”. I hope you’ll like it.

Peace and Love to all,

M. J. Harmony

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