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Hello, dear friend, it’s been a while, how are you?

Interesting times we are currently living in, ha? I didn’t expect things will escalate the way they did, but deep in my Soul I always felt I need to work on something, that will serve as a little reminder during these times.

I’m happy to let you know that today I’m sharing with you a project, where I got to invite Brothers and Sisters from all across our dear Planet Earth, to Unite together on this Journey.

Brothers and Sisters from different countries, cultures, colors, religions, native languages, from Japan all the way to America. For a moment, we United into one Voice, into one song.

Music connects people, and this project is a wonderful example of just that.

I wanted to create this project to serve us as a sweet reminder, that despite everything that’s going on across the planet at the moment, especially when it comes to division, choosing sides, in the end the majority of us want Love and Peace.

If I take this thought even a little bit further… it’s true, we are all One. One from the God / the Source / the Universe. And it’s so beautiful to see how many across our planet are getting aware of that with each passing day.

And how are we, with just being aware, slowly but surely creating a different kind of history.

Making this project moved me to tears. Tears of pure Joy. Because even though we all sang in our native languages, we all felt the message clearly. And that’s all it takes to keep us going into the unknown and, together, embrace the changes that are slowly but surely coming.

Grateful to all that joined me in this project. It’s clear to see that together we can move mountains!

If you find this project inspiring and you know someone could benefit from it, please share this video and message. There’s many people out there who need a bit of encouragement at the moment. May the message of Love and Unity embrace the entire Mother Gaia.

Enjoy the video <3

“Where there is Unity, there is always Victory”
~ Publius Syrus

Much Love and many Blessings,


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