Creating with Reiki energy healing

Before I further explain about creating with Reiki, let me first write a few words about my experience with it.

Probably many of you wonder, what is Reiki? Or maybe you are already aware of, but not quite sure, how it works.

I wanted to share with you something, that helped me a lot on my own personal journey. As I already mentioned in the previous blogs, I had issues with depression and anxiety. The more I started to work on my personal health, the more tools started to come my way. And one of them was Reiki.

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Reiki is an alternative medicine, that was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Japan and it’s getting known throughout the World more and more nowadays. Through initiation you actually become a channel between below and above and you usually use your hands for healing others or yourself. You can heal on many levels, such as physical body, mental and emotional body, as also spiritual body. It’s a very powerful thing and can change your world a lot. And it did. I made many changes in my life, on personal and professional level. I can bet, if it weren’t for Reiki, I would probably still be in my bed at home, and just dream about creating music and heading to the World.

But not only that. Reiki is even helpful at one very specific thing: it helps me create. All of the music, that will be on my first EP, will be created through Reiki energy healing. To further explain, when I mentioned that you become a channel between above and below, this is how I manage to speak with all the spirits that surrounds us. When I did my first initiations, I started to speak with trees and other beings in different dimensions. It was beautiful.

And so I decided to put this to the world, to people, that yet not have access to communication between those beings. The lyrics I write are actually downloaded from above and the melodies I do are “spontaneously” created with a help from other beings. I use my body as a tool. So this is why I usually say, that through my music you can hear the whispers of our spirits, because mainly everything I do, are actually them.

I hope you’ll enjoy the music that we create. I am a bit nervous, I admit, but at the same time, I get the feeling that everything will turn out just fine. Fingers crossed 😉

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