A weekend of performances

Hello everyone, 
I started this blog very dramatically, hehe. Well I must admit I couldn’t find a different title. But what it says is true. And I wanted to share with you a little bit how it all went. 
Like I already mentioned it in previous blogs, I was pretty nervous, because even though I have over 10 years of experiences in concerts and gigs, I’m still not used to play alone. And this weekend I had two performances, so you can imagine the adrenaline being all crazy inside my being. 

The first day I played at the opening of an art exhibition in local town. A very beautiful exhibition, filled with strong energy and joy. Maaany people came to this exhibition, I couldn’t believe it. There were two rooms in this gallery and both were filled up. 
It’s funny what can adrenaline do to you. When I played, I was pretty calm from my head to my stomach. But my leg…. it was shaking like crazy the whole time. It’s funny actually, how our body can react… 
Long story short, people really enjoyed it and accepted me into their company later on and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful about this experience.

The next day I opened an esoteric festival, also in our local town, where there were amazing guests, which had a lot to say about our health and well being, and also a lot of people with their products, such as books, vitamins, natural creams and soaps, as beautiful decorations for our homes or jewelry. 
Wow, the energies there were amazing. If I could write all of them, this blog would became too long. 
People were so happy to listen to my music. Some of them said that I helped lift the atmosphere in the room. 

I am grateful I had the chance to perform twice that day, during the break the wonderful host asked me if I would like to perform another song, because people really liked it. And of course I didn’t refuse.
I was impressed by a lovely lady, when she told me she saw my aura expanding really wide for the first time during my both performances. She saw an entire face behind my wall, not just a little bit of light around our heads. So grateful to be a part of such a beautiful experience. And I’m wondering, what this actually means, hehe. 

I also got some new offers to perform at their festivals and some really beautiful gifts I’ve never thought I would. 

This weekend was beyond something I was usually used to. When you see the look in the eyes of those people, filled with such joy and gratefulness, you simply know you’re doing something right. 

All we can do now is keep on keeping on 😉 

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