The moment, when you know…

…that you are doing the right thing. 
In this blog I wanted to share with you something, that many of us musicians have to deal with it, and not many even understand how this can be difficult sometimes. Moments of self doubt, feeling you’re doing something wrong, or even that you’re being selfish in some way. This is something anyone of us can relate to it. It’s about your desires and deciding, which way to choose – the safe way, that doesn’t inspire you, and the desirable way, which will be full of ups and downs, but will make you happy. 

I’m talking about moments, when you need to grow as a person, and also as an artist. Many obstacles coming your way in all different forms (this is a topic for a whole new blog). Before that I was always in different bands. And it was great for a while. But sooner or later came something that I was missing. The real fuel. The real energy and ambitions to do something more. For a while I tried to handle those moments and just go with the flow. But the more the time went by, the more the fire inside me began to scream, and saying things like: “Do something! You are wasting your time! LEAVE!” And of course sooner or later I did those things. And not just once. Can you imagine, leaving something, you had the most hopes and love for, several times? It is painful! But at the same time I felt released. 

After I left the old way of living with music, the Universe was testing me a lot, in many different ways, trying me out if I’m going to go back and start all over again. It was tempting, I must say. Some things were much easier before. But the fire in me wanted me to resist. And I did. And it’s amazing, when you resist and follow what you truly desire the most, how can things change quickly, and a lot! 

 In this month Universe awarded me with so many miracles. But I just want to share with you something that happened to me yesterday. It was a day full of surprises. In the afternoon I met this wonderful person from Canada that wants to make a collaboration with me on one song and we already started the project. Looking forward to see how it will all go. And the next thing was a performance in the evening at the local library, of which I knew only one day before, so it came around fast and unexpected. It was a wonderful atmosphere, surrounded by all those books, I don’t know… it is something about the libraries… so much wisdom and knowledge, and beautiful words… 

A lot of people came, and then the moment happened. After the official opening of an art exhibition in the library and my performance, a person came to me. A very warm and wonderful lady. She wanted to congratulated me and had a wish to perform for someone in the near future. But what she said later on, inspired me the most: “I didn’t have the wish to come to this exhibition, but my relatives wanted me to go. But now that I heard you… I’m so glad I came.” When I heard those words, was the moment when I knew I’m doing the right thing. Grateful to Universe, grateful to my fire, grateful for all the wonderful people that keep me inspired, grateful for everyone that supports me on my path, and grateful for you, my friends, who are walking this path with me. Thank you! 🙂 

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