Happy Day :)

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a beautiful day, filled with warm Sunshine <3 Today’s Sun influenced me a lot. In a very good way.

At first I felt a bit lost in all the work that I have the last couple of months, but then at one moment the mental blockage just disappeared. I think the Sun did a lot. The rays were forcing through window so strong, like they wanted to give me some sort of a hug. Like they wanted to say: “Everything’s gonna be alright”. It was pretty touching. Then came a moment when I just released all the pressure that I had these days, and realized the following: I’m about to finish my mini album soon! My baby will come into its existence soon! I actually can’t believe it! 

And not only that, today my partner brought me an early Christmas gift – my brand new business cards <3 

I’ve never thought about them, but when I performed in different places for the past weeks, I realized they will actually be pretty handy. Funny as it may sound, it was kind of embarrassing to spell out your contact information. And of course, it’s a necessity if you want to be professional 😀 

Right now I’m just so happy and grateful, for the work that I do, and that the Universe confirms it. It can be seen in everyday life, in small things that are changing and heading to this particular direction. 

Soon this year 2018 will come to its end. It was chaotic. But in a good way. A lot of things have changed in the past year, especially when it comes to personal growth and following your passion. They said the year 2018 was a year of destiny and that if you did okay and started things that you desired for, it will get paid off in the next year. So yeah, let’s hope for the best for all of us. 

Wish you a pleasant day, my dear friends. If you have a sunny weather, I hope you go out and catch some of the Sun rays. Embrace the warmth of their touch, take a deep breath, and think for a while of the things you’re most grateful for. And after that, just observe your feelings, how you feel after that. You might be surprised 🙂 

Cheers <3 

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