🍀”Pomlad” is here! 🍀

I’m so happy to announce that my new Single, called “Pomlad” is here!

Listen to a Slovenian Ethereal Acoustic song about Spring time, that originally has it’s roots from the 60’s, when it was performed by Marjana Deržaj, now re-arranged in a completely different way. Enjoy and wish you a wonderful Spring time, no matter where you are ☀️🌸🌼


2 thoughts on “🍀”Pomlad” is here! 🍀

  1. mjharmony says:

    Heey Angela 😀 you are so welcome, glad to hear you enjoy the music. And thank you for everything, you really made my day today! The way you wrote is so beautiful <3 Hehe, I hope you get to travel to Slovenia soon as well, and when you do, let me know, we can get a drink together 😉


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